2020 Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the 2020 Summer Soccer Season with the West Seneca Soccer Club. The link for registration is below and will also be available on our website (westsenecasoccer.com) by clicking on Registration. The registration is open until April 1st, 2020 so please register as soon as possible.


There will also be a walk in registration held at the West Seneca Community Library on January 25th from 10:15am – 12:15pm in the small community room. You can enter the building from the parking lot and we will be in the first door on the left.

Registration fees will be the following for the 2020 season:

U4 – U6        $105.00

U8 – U17      $140.00

There will be a multi-child discount of $10 per child for three or more children registered at the same time in the same household. If you have a West Seneca Town ID there will be a $5 credit. If registering online you will have to mail a copy of the town ID to the club and for walk in registration you will have to provide the ID at the registration.

We are offering 3 options this year for payment for online registrations. Payments are automatically deducted via credit/debit card.

1. Payment in full

2. Down payment of $25 and remaining balance due on 4/3/20

3. Down payment of $25 and monthly payments (if you register in January it will 3 monthly payments, register in February it will be 2 monthly, and so on).

The days of play for each age group and birth year for each age group is below:

U4 (2016, 2017) -Saturdays

U5 (2015) -Saturdays

U6 (2014) – Tuesday/Thursday 6pm

U8 (2012, 2013) -Monday and Wednesday

U10 (2010, 2011) -Tuesday and Thursday

U12 (2008, 2009) -Wednesday and Friday

U14 (2006, 2007) -Wednesday and Friday

U17 (2003, 2004, 2005) -Monday and Thursday



The season will begin the first weekend in May (weather permitting) and end the last week of July. Once registration closes the rosters will be set and coaches assigned to the age group(s) they requested. Once the coaches receive their rosters they will be contacting the parents by either email or phone (usually 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season).


For head coaches we will also be offering the $40 rebate again this year for  for divisions u8-u17. For divisions u4-u6 we will give you a $25 coaches rebate for the head coach. If you are interested in coaching please fill out the Volunteer Registration form as well. Coaches are needed for all age groups.

We look forward to a great season this year.

Thank You,

West Seneca Soccer Club

Coaches Needed for 2019 Season

Coaches are needed for all age groups for the upcoming 2019 Summer Soccer Season for the West Seneca Soccer Club. If you are interested please fill out this online registration form if you are interested in coaching. The club will be giving a $40 to all head coaches for volunteering . Priority will be given first to returning coaches. If you are a new coach to the club we will know by February 1st who is and is not returning. If you are a parent coaching you will receive the $40 on June 1st by mail. If you have no child playing for the club you will receive a $40 gift card to Dick’s sporting goods.
Thank-you in advance for volunteering!

Please Contact President Mary Walczak at marywalczak@hotmail.com if you are interested in coaching.

2019 Summer Soccer Online Registration


To register for the 2019 Summer Soccer Season please click on the link above or below to be taken to the registration page.

For the web-site-Installment Plans-
New for 2019-  Installment payments-   For u4-u6 a $25 down payment is required at sign-up with the balance due April 15th of $65. For u8 and above a $50 down payment is required at sign-up with the balance due April 15th of $80. You must sign up before  March 1st to utilize this plan before we raise the rate for registration. 
Here is the season start information- a final schedule will be sent out to players/coaches once the teams are finalized after the first practice for ages u4-u6. Ages u8- the final schedule will be given Saturday May 11th. Ages u10-u17-the schedules will be finalized for your coaches meeting at the end of April. the meeting  will be held after the Easter Break for the schools.
For all age divisions-we will not hold games May 24th to May 27th. We will also not hold games July 1st to 7th.
The first group practice for U4 will be Saturday May 4th at 9 am
U5 first group practice will be Saturday May 4th at 10 am
U6-first group practice will be Tuesday May 7th at 6 pm
U8-first group practice will be Monday May 6th .
U10-U17 tbd by coaches
The final games for U4/U5/U6 will Saturday July 27th.
U8 final game will be July 24th
U10 final game will be July 25th
U12 final game will be July 26th
U14 final game will be July 26th
U17 final game will be July 29th
All Star games will be held for divisions u8-u14 . Players will be picked at the end of the season by their coaches to participate.  The u8 games will be held Monday July 29th. U10 games will be held Tuesday July 30th. U12 and U14 All Star games will be July 31st.
Days of Play-
U8 -Monday and Wednesday
U10-Tuesday and Thursday
U12-Wednesday and Friday
U14-Wednesday and Friday
U17-Monday and Thursday
U6 is being changed to Tuesdays 6pm /Thursday 6 pm /Saturday 10:30-Games will be held 3 days per week but your child will only be scheduled for two per week. We eliminated the late games this year for u6 that use to be held at 7:15. When we did the end of the year survey the majority of the u6 parents felt that game was to late at night for that age group.

2019 Registration

Walk In Registration


Walk-in Registration for WSSC
Saturday April 14, 2018
From 9:15 am until 11:15 am
Location-The soccer complex on Seneca Street. The registration will be located at the snack bar. This is located in the back parking lot.