U-17 Team 3 Gold vs Team 1 Black

Great work on the pitch for team Peck in todays matchup. The offense, defense, and midfield worked well together to create a fun game to watch, and an even tougher one to lose. Notable performances were made everywhere on the field. Austyn Hanson played many balls out of our end to get the ball up, Mason Banks performed well at both defense and goalie to stop the ball from going into the net, and Peter Sergi shows much promise as a soccer player as he can control the field with a few smart touches. Highlights of the game include a goal right down the middle from Noah Pinelli to Peter Sergi, and a great though ball from Parteek Ladhar to Alec Jensen which just barely missed the net. Amazing game for the whole team.

Final Score Team 1 Black 4
Team 3 Gold 1

Team 4 Maroon vs Team 8 Silver

Team 4 Maroon 0 vs Team 8 Silver 5

Good game by Silver. Getting ahead 4 goals in first half. Maroon managed to play better defensively, but getting my new players to understand positioning. Better second half by Maroon, but silver allowed very few shots and the kids should be proud.

We would all do well to remind our goalies not to set ball on ground after a save. Only on goal kicks.
We will see Silver 4 times so hopefully I fix things before then

U-17 Team 4 vs Team 2

Team 4 Royal 5 vs Team 2 Kelly 2

Coming off weeks of preseason preparation Kelly and Royal both came well prepared for tonight’s season opener.
Royals’s early offensive barage yielded no results and Kelly took the lead a little more than halfway through the first half bringing the rowdy crowd to their side.
It was only after the referees took control of the unruly crowd, Royal bounced back establishing a lead that it never lost although the crowd never left Kelly’s side